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The Simple Solution for Venting Gas-Fired Heating Equipment

offers a number of "simple solutions" for toadys complicated venting issues. The national Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54 and ANSI Z223.1 give you specific rules to follow. We give you specific products that make those rules easy to follow.

When you install a category 1 gas fired heating appliance into a masonry chimney you must follow these rules:

1) The Chimney must be lined and sized properly.
Most masonry chimneys are oversized and absorb too much heat to be considered a proper vent. If you have any doubts line the chimney with the right size liner. If it's unlined you must line it.

2) If the equipment is fan assisted, it's imperative that you properly size and line the chimney in all cases.

Follow these two simple rules and your venting problems are over. No more costly call backs or equipment failure. The additional cost to line the chimney will be realized immediately.

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