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Aprilaire humidifiers are safe, proven, flow-through evaporative humidifiers. They were the first evaporative, flow-through design humidifiers introduced in 1954, and millions of users have since enjoyed the many benefits of proper humidification with a minimum of maintenance. They produce humidity in a safe, pure water vapor form. No mist or droplets are present which can carry impurities. The flow-through design is your assurance that all minerals and impurities left from the evaporation process are either flushed down the drain or deposited on the replaceable Water Panel. Proper humidity reduces heating costs by stopping wood shrinkage, which reduces cold air infiltration around door and window frames. In turn, you'll feel warm at lower temperatures. You can actually dial down your thermostat and still be comfortable.

All Aprilaire humidifiers utilize Nature's own process--the introduction of humidity in the form of water vapor. Aprilaire provides the refinements necessary for positive, accurate humidification control.
Aprilaire Automatic Power Humidifier
The Aprilaire Automatic Model 768 power humidifier is designed with ease of service in mind. The 768 provides truly automatic humidity regulation after the initial setting.
The 768 has an evaporation capacity of 0.75 gph at 120°F plenum temperature. A motor and fan accomplish the air movement necessary for high capacity evaporation. Uniform, accurately controlled humidity levels are maintained automatically.
Aprilaire Automatic bypass Humidifiers
Aprilaire Automatic Model 568, 558, and 488 bypass humidifiers are fully automatic and offer the flexibility of easy installation on either the warm-air supply or cold-air return of any forced air furnace. The humidified air mixes with the return air from the house and is forced back into the living area. Model 448 has a re-circulating system for use where a drain is not available.
Aprilaire Manually Controlled Humidifiers
Aprilaire humidifiers, equipped with a manual humidistat to control the humidifier's operation are also available. With proper homeowner adjustment, these Aprilaire humidifiers will provide the comfort, preservation, and many other benefits of increased indoor humidification, although without the complete convenience and additional moisture-generating features of the automatic models. Power humidifier Model 760, and bypass Models 560, 550, and 445 are designed for typical forced air heating systems.

Aprilaire Models 360 and 350 are designed to operate independent of any heating system. These manually controlled models can be installed in homes without forced air heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water) heat. They are also ideal for applications where furnace blower operation is minimal, or where there is no space for a furnace-mounted humidifier.
humidification control
Model 360 is small enough to be installed through the wall of a closet or utility room. Model 350 is designed especially for the basement floor joist installation.

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