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The Honeywell T87 Round.
The Standard Against Which All Other Thermostats are Measured.

*120 Degree Sweep Set point Scale: Provides total flexibility in fine two-degree increments. The unique shape of this scale allows it to offer you the advantage of a wider scale range than would be visible on an ordinary rectangular thermostat.

*Mode Selection Switch: Features a "rolling ball," which gives a positive feel as the selector "clicks" into place, satisfying even the most demanding owner.

*Simple Graphics: Are easy to read from a distance.

*Attractive Color & Styling: Blends into any decor.

*Silver-Plated Switch Contacts: Provide reliable performance and long life.

*Enclosed Mercury Switch: Silently responds to minute temperature variations.

For a smart choice in thermostats, we offer the Honeywell T8600 Deluxe Programmable Thermostat. Take a look at these functions:

thermostats, heating/cooling system monitors *Provides best comfort possible.

*Programs to your schedule.

*Saves 9 to 30% on heating/cooling costs.

*Very user-friendly.

*Individual programming for each day.

*2-year warranty for labor/parts.

The T8600 Deluxe Programmable Thermostats offer more features than other thermostats, yet you will find they are the easiest-to-use. Because more "human factors" were designed into the product than ever before.

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